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PLC+HMI "All In One" 



Drives + Configuration Software 

New AC Variable Frequency Drives / Variable Speed Drives 

  • Sensorless Vector or Space Vector 
  • Variable or Constant Torgue 


Permain Basin Oil Show 2022 

Advanced Industrial Devices (AID) 

Pump Off Controller (POC) 
Unitronics Vision V570 PLC+HMI "All in one"  

POC Oil Well downhole Dynamometer Card Functionality

ESP Controller 
Unitronics Vision V570 or V1210 PLC+HMI "All in one" 

Unitronics Vision PLC+HMI "All In One" 

Complete Range of Vision series PLC+HMI with Powerful Programming Software and Outstanding Support!



Texas Water 2020 

April 2nd thru 4th at George Brown Convention Center, Houston

Butler and Land -  Pump Werx

Booth No. 

The Unitronics NEW UniStream "Built In" 5 and 7 inch HMI/PAC will be Featured. 

Unitronics NEW UniStream "Modular" HMI/PAC Capabilities will be the Product Focus. 


OTC  2020 
OffShore Technology Conference 

Celebrating 51 Years 

May at NRG Park, Houston 

TExas Sensors & Controls 

Booth No.   in the NRG Arena  

Unitronics Featured Products: 

New UniStream "Built In" 5 and 7 inch HMI/PAC 

New UniStream "PLC" with virtual HMI 

Control your Application Remotely 
"AnyWhere AnyTime" with Virtual HMI's! 

Unitronics Product Capability's Focus will be on UniStream OPC UA and MQTT  


TExas Sensors & Controls 

TSC will be featuring;


Vision RTU Gateway Capabilities 

Cost Effective Connectivity and Data Logging Applications: 

Networking Communication Protocols for Interoperability 

  1. Modbus RTU Serial 
  2. Modbus TCP Ethernet 
  3. Siemens ProfiBus Serial 
  4. Allen-Bradley DF1 Serial 
  5. Isolated RS232 / RS485 Serial 
  6. Ethernet TCP/IP Port with 4 Sockets [V700 has 8 Sockets] 
  7. Optional Ethernet 3rd Party Cell Data Router for SCADA 
  8. CAN Bus SAE J1939 Engine Monitoring Serial 
  9. CAN Open or UniCAN Serial 
  10. OPC 
  11. Centurion 3G Cell Modem Kit for Serial Port 
  12. Optional Enfora / Novatel Spider 3G/4G Cell Modem 
NOTE: Only a max of 6/7 of these Listed Protocols can be connected simultaneously on the V350 or V430, because there is one spare Card slot space for Ethernet or Serial, but up to 7/8 can be connected on the V570 or V700.


Complete Range of Vision series PLC+HMI with Powerful Programming Software and Outstanding Support! 




THE UniStream Programmable Automation Controller; PAC+HMI is offered in 2 different 7 inch versions and 2 different 10 inch Models, including multi touch, but the large 15.6 inch is the most popular size. 
There are the UniStream 'Modular" Types and also "BuiltIn" Types available in 5 inch or 7 inch.
UniStream PAC+HMI can have up to 3 Local HMI's of different sizes connected simultaneously as a Master to Slaves via VPN, plus UniStream can connect to "Virtual" HMI'S like Cell phones and Tablets, utilizing the UniLogics Software/Firmware Remote Capability's and the dual Ethernet Network Ports.

UniStream PAC+HMI can be configured as a redundant System for Critical Process Applications and it has Interoperability connectivity with "Smart" or Intelligent Sensors utilizing the Ethernet IP - ODVA Tested and Compliant Allen-Bradley/Rockwell Automation Protocol.
UniStream PAC+HMI differences as compared to the Vision series PLC+HMI "All in One", are the optional Communication Modules, the Intelligent "SMART" Combination I/O Modules, as well as the faster Processor Speed.

UniStream is a Linux Programmable Automation Controller (PAC) with a separate CPU that plugs into the back of the HMI.

Unitronics UniStream PAC+HMI does more! 

Ray W Zimbal Jr.
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PLC+HMI and AC Drives 
New Variable Frequency Drives/ Variable Speed Drives